The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) has a cult like following, but it has always been a relative lightweight in the vape ring. Can this new power adapter give it a much needed boost to help it compete with the bigger, more expensive, more powerful vapes?

Let’s find out.

We spent 3 hours reading reviews for the Magic Flight Launch Box power adapter. In summary, here’s what other vapers think.

What people DO like
– No more waiting for batteries to charge, or weak hits from drained batteries
– Dial in your own power level makes for more personal experience massive clouds
– Car adapter makes it somewhat more versatile and it’s perfect for the at-home toker
– Very low draw resistance

What people DIDN'T like
– You need to plug it in, effectively losing the portable nature of the MFLB
– It’s an added cost on top of the MFLB
– Extra power makes it easier to burn material

Bottom line
The MFLB has always been the underpowered sibling in the vape family. With the power adapter 2.1 hooked up it has the oomph to perform at a much higher level, and makes the Magic Flight that much more of a great vape choice. Most people who bought the power adapter reported using it almost exclusively with their Magic Flight, pretty much making batteries obsolete.
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