If you’re into vaporizers, then you’ve probably heard of The Mighty. This portable vaporizer is made by the popular company Storz and Bickel in Germany.
Living up to its name, this vaporizer is one of the largest and most powerful portable devices on the market. The Mighty measures at 5.5’’H x 3.2’’L x 1.2’’D, and it weighs about ½ a pound. This vaporizer has a twist-off top in which you can load your herbs. The Mighty currently sells for around $400 and includes a two-year manufacturer warranty. I recently got to try this highly esteemed vaporizer for myself, and I’m here to tell you all about my experience with it. So, if you want to figure out whether or not The Mighty is a good fit for your vaping lifestyle, read on.

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The Mighty Is Mighty Obvious

mighty-vaporizerWell, with a name like “The Mighty” do you actually expect this vaporizer to be discreet? As I mentioned above, this portable vaporizer is quite big, and it’s mighty obvious. You just can’t slide this big guy in and out of your overstretched pocket on the sly and expect no one to notice. Traveling vapers should expect to pack this vaporizer in a briefcase, backpack, or purse.

The most popular style of this device is black, and while it’s very easy to use, The Mighty is not exactly the prettiest vaporizer out there. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a solidly built piece of machinery that lives up to the German ideal for utility and durability. However, The Mighty is fairly difficult to conceal. Bottom line, this vaporizer is not for people who need a sleek and small device. If a small size is high on your list of priorities, you should consider the Firefly or Pax. As I shall explore below, however, what this device lacks in aesthetics it certainly makes up for in utility and power.

Super Strong Battery

No, I’m not being hyperbolic when I say The Mighty has the best batteries in the portable vaporizer business. These dual lithium ion batteries last for an extremely long period of time, which is great news if you want to use this vaporizer when out and about with friends. I was able to get around 90 minutes of continuous use on a full battery with this bad boy. Since these batteries are so powerful, The Mighty cannot be used with a USB charger at the moment. You have to use a wall or a car charger on The Mighty, but you can use this product while charging.

Standard accessories included: two grinders, a cleaning brush, multiple replacement screens and rubber rings.

Standard accessories included: two grinders, a cleaning brush, multiple replacement screens and rubber rings.

How Hot Does This Product Get?

The Mighty offers vapers a hybrid heating experience. This vaporizer uses conduction to pre-heat your herbs, then it uses convection for the rest of the vape. I had no problems using The Mighty’s LED 1 x 1 display to set my temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, you can choose temps from 105-410 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, you should expect to wait around two minutes for The Mighty to heat up fully. While this might seem a bit long, you’ll be rewarded for your patience with an overall more stable temperature.

Some of the Hardest Hits In The Biz

Holy moly, these hits were certainly worth of the title “mighty.” The power of the batteries and electronics used by Storz and Bickel make this product one of the strongest portable vaporizers on the planet. You will have the best possible control over your hits and experience a very rich and rewarding taste. If vapor production is your number one priority, look no further than The Mighty.

A Few Accessories Offered For The Mighty

If you purchase a Mighty vaporizer, you should expect to receive a wall charger, one liquid pad, one filling aid, one cleaning brush, three spare screens, a set of spare seal rings, one herb mill, and, of course, instructions. In addition to these included accessories, you can also purchase a few things from Storz and Bickel. A few accessories include a Mighty cooling unit set, a 12-volt car charger, and a magazine with eight dosing capsules.

As you could tell from my experience, I was very impressed with the power of The Mighty. I hope this review helped you decide if The Mighty might be the right product for you. Below, I’ll leave you with a short pros/cons list to summarize my experience with this fine German product.


  • Amazing battery life, great for vaping with friends.
  • Easy to use interface, loading, and temperature control.
  • Strong hits every time, great vapor quality and quantity.


  • While durable, this design is not discreet.
  • No USB charger available.
  • Although powerful, this vaporizer is a bit pricey.

Mighty vs Crafty

Two very similar vapes, made by the same company. Price difference around $70. So what’s the real difference here? Well, in a word, power. The Mighty has a much larger batter, making it last quite a bit longer than the Crafty vape. The Crafty is smaller, like the difference between an iPhone and the iPhone Plus model, so it’s a bit more discrete. If you’re going to pony up $350 or more for a vape, I’d say go with the Mighty. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth it.

What people on Vaporents say about the Mighty

Don’t just take my word for it. Vaporents is probably the best place to find active and unbiased discussions of vaporizers, and if you look around, you’ll notice just about anyone who owns the Mighty absolutely loves it.

“…the mighty and the crafty have basically no competition as far as performance. If i knew that these things would malfunction so fast before buying them I would STILL buy them.. they are a freaking beast when it comes to vapor quantity, quality and flavor… hands down the best portables out there”

Vapor density10
Battery life10
Ease of use10
Reader Rating1 Vote10