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The Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer was introduced in 2015 to high expectations from those who favor a dry herb vaporizer as a more efficient and effective way to enjoy cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. The portable vaporizer has gained popularity because it meets the demands of an active lifestyle, and this one fits the bill in terms of size and performance. Sleek and durable, the Vapium Summit Plus combines high end functionality and user-friendly operation to deliver a smooth inhale and bold flavor. The stainless steel advanced air path is laser welded and does a perfect job of assisting the conduction heating element in the creation and rendering of vapor.

Tl;DR Review

Too much reading for ya? Here’s the quick breakdown so you can get back to packing another one. The Vapium Summit Plus is a straight up great portable vaporizer. Priced right at $149 it delivers a powerful punch, although it doesn’t look as sexy as some others and doesn’t work well with concentrates. It’s rugged and durable though, making it a great choice for the active lifestyle.

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The Vapium Summit At-A-Glance

1. Battery life and capacity: Li-Ion rechargeable, 3300 mAH, roughly one hour of continuous run time.
2. Size of the vaporizer: 4.5″ X 1.1″ X 1.4″
3. Weight of the vaporizer: 0.3 lbs
4. Time required to heat up: 35-60 seconds
5. Retail price: $149.99
6. Warranty: 2 yearsSummit_Angle_2445_2

Design & Appearance

If you’re like most, the aesthetics of portable vaporizers do matter – especially when you have friends showing off their slick Firefly and Pax, or the industrial-chic Crafty and Mighty. Let’s admit it, vaping is cool and hip, and most want their rig to reflect some sense of style. The design of the Vapium Summit is simple but modern. It might not be a head turner, but it has a certain appeal.


For starters, it’s ergonomic. This vaporizer melds comfortably to the palm when held. The large buttons for operation are also convenient, and this is enhanced by a vibration feature that will alert you when the unit has reached the appropriate temperature level for vaping.

The exterior is black and features a rubberized grip, so those that appreciate the outdoors will especially love the design. The overall dimensions are 4.5″ X 1.1″ X 1.4″ and the unit weighs a respectable 136 grams. You probably won’t find a better dry herb vaporizer for taking along on a hiking or camping trip. In fact, this one is about the same size as the average pocketknife.

Ease of Use

A portable vaporizer doesn’t get much simpler to operate than this. One-button functionality turns the unit on and the LED lights just below let you know when the Vapium Summit is ready to vaporize. Temperature can be adjusted from 330F – 440F by using the plus and minus buttons on the front, and the Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer is even Bluetooth enabled so that you can connect a smartphone app provided by Vapium to permit remote adjustments to temperature level and session time as well as accessing a boost feature that will temporarily raise the temperature.


You’ll also find the Vapium can operate in a wide range of temperatures from 0F – 176F, although there’s definitely a sweet spot. The point here is that the vaporizer is adaptable to being taken to ski slopes or the beach and just about every location in between. Magnets are used to hold the mouthpiece and base in place, offering easy access to the chamber which and a handy stir tool is included to help you get the most out of the precious herb.


When it comes to batteries, the one that powers the Vapium Plus falls at the top of the spectrum. It is rated at 3300 mAh, providing plenty of life and granting multiple vaping sessions from a single charge. A Micro USB port enables a quick and easy recharge. Since it has a pass-through, you can even use the vaporizer while it is being charged.

Vapium Summit accessories

The Vapium Summit comes with a carrying pouch, charger, and various cleaning accessories.

Pros & Cons

One thing I was surprised to learn is the Vapium comes with Bluetooth functionality, giving you the ability to control the vaporizer with a smartphone app. That’s something higher end vapes like the Firefly and Crafty have, so it’s nice to see in a lower priced model. The fact is that the easy interface of the vaporizer itself will give you plenty of control over temperature settings with or without the app. Still, it’s nice to be able to pinpoint a certain temperature that works for you.

Temperature when vaping dry herbs is an important consideration, and no two vapers seem to find a common setting that works for them. Too hot and the herb is burned. Too cool and not enough vapor is produced. Having the smartphone app to reference when you find the temperature that is just right is a benefit.

The Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer is splash and dust-proof, offering another feature that will be attractive to those who spend a lot of time outdoors. I can see this working nice on the slopes, or tearing down the trail on a mountain bike. Additionally, the rubberized exterior makes it pretty durable if you take a tumble.

On the downside, some will find the overall design too simple and rugged for their tastes. This vaporizer doesn’t have a lot of swag in terms of bling. If you’re looking for something that is specifically meant to turn heads when you vape, this unit might not be for you. If you want extreme performance, however, and a flavor that comes from voluminous, full-bodied clouds of vapor, the Vapium Summit will exceed your expectations.

Since this compact unit does such a great job with dry herbs, it would be great if it also vaporized waxy oils and concentrates. Perhaps this is something Vapium will consider in future models. Still, for the price, the Vapium Summit is hard to beat and it really impressed me more than I thought it would.

A quality value-driven vaporizer that's built to last
Durable, rugged, affordable
The Vapium might not have the sex appeal of other vapes, but it makes up for that in durability and value. For the price you really can't go wrong.
Rugged design
Smartphone app
Easy to use
Not the sexiest
Doesn't play nicely with concentrates
A great value
Where to buy the Vapium Summit