Over the years I’ve purchased many, many cheap wax pens, and they all had one thing in common – they fell apart and stopped working fairly quickly. I started with the original Cloud pen. Then I moved to the Vaped, thinking with their “lifetime” warranty (a whole other story) it must be top quality. Wrong. Then I tried the G-pen. Finally I started buying cheap 2-for-1 Cloud knockoffs on eBay because they all seemed about the same overall quality and performance, regardless of price.

Needless to say I was a little skeptical, but still very hopeful when I got the #thisthingrips OG four 2.0 vape pen. Could #thisthingrips OG 2.0 rise above the others, or would it simply be another disposable vape, destined for the landfill?

20161202_181201The OG Four 2.0 pen vape comes with the following:

  • Replacement quartz coil
  • Silicon jar
  • 2 cleaning wipes
  • USB charger
  • Concentrate tool

This vape pen is designed for use only with wax/crumble type concentrates and it comes with some big claims about its features. Let’s see if they live up to the hype.

Vapor efficiency


Fresh 71% crumble/wax ready for testing.

Let’s start with the SToK’s claim that it delivers a “rig like” experience. Honestly, that’s a bit of a stretch but it does deliver consistent, thick clouds. Just don’t expect eye-watering chokers that leave your lungs in a vice grip. Only a fat dab can do that to you. The bowl is fairly deep, which is good and bad. Good because you don’t need to re-load it as much, bad because you can stuff a bunch of wax in there and then your left wondering, “did I really vape ALL that??”The flavor

The manufacturer uses a quartz coil instead of a ceramic one because they say it prevents unwanted secondary flavors from creeping into the mix. I must say I didn’t get any funky, weird taste when hitting it. Flavor was good, and seemed to accurately reflect the aroma of the concentrates I tried. I’m not sure it was much improved over other wax vape pens I’ve used. In my experiences, if you have some really dank, terpy concentrates, the flavor shines through any which way you vaporize.


All loaded with some fresh wax, and ready to rip!

The design

The biggest selling point of the OG Four 2.0 vape pen is that it uses a “lava quartz coil technology” – basically there’s a quartz rod coil atomizer. You’re probably wondering what the hell that is, and whether or not it’s just some fancy marketing hype. It’s a little of both in my opinion. The manufacturer claims the quartz coils can heat at the lowest possible temperature needed for vaporization which helps preserve the flavor while keeping any other strange secondary flavors from creeping in. I think that’s probably true, and while I still have no idea what “lava quartz” is, it does sound cool.

Compared to cheaper vape pens, the OG definitely seem like a better design, and one that will last longer than the typical wick coil system. I like that. The battery, a beefy 6500mah size, lasted a good long time which I appreciate. The chamber above the coil would be better made of glass, but that’s not a dealbreaker.

Final thoughts

The OG is definitely a whole lot better than a cheap wax pen you could get off eBay. However, I’d be a little wary of it’s long term reliability as it’s still fairly new to the market and from my experience you’re lucky if a vape pen lasts more than a few months. You could get the Atmos Jewel or the G-pen for a similar or lower price and you’ll get a similar level of performance. But at the end of the day I couldn’t find much to complain about here, and if it lasts longer than the average vape pen, it’s definitely worth it.

Ease of use9
Vapor density8
Battery life9
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